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Finally, my mom went back from Bangi and I can finally ask he for money so that I can go out. Asked her and got RM50. Then I wonder, what to do eeerrrkkkhh?? My friends are all working and I'm the only one who is like totally free on holiday. Then I remembered that I still haven't watched Twilight Saga : New Moon. All of my friends all the Pendulums except me have watched it. This cannot blah!!! I must watch it too, I said in my heart. So I took my mom's car key and started the engine.

MBO, here Mis ConTanGious come!!!

Arrived there at about 5pm and I was wondering.. today is Super Wednesday and all the tickets is like RM5 only. So, I though why not a movie-marathon? Then I saw 2012 on the screening list at about 8pm and Twilight on midnight show. The gap is like way too far... what should I do? I don't want to go back and wait so... I saw Santau screening at about 5.30pm. So I though I could just go chaining all the movies. Bought all tickets and went ahead to watch Santau.

Santau was like super-horrifying just like most Malaysian horror movie nowadays except that there's two ghost instead of one and it's like totally disgusting cause you get to see both their faces. I screamed a lot in the movie. And there was this one time I screamed because terkezut gilerks until I fell down from my seat. It was like totally malu-fying moments for me. The girl besides me laughed at me.... haaaaisssh...

Once the movie was finish, went straight ahead to watch 2012 cause it's almost starting but before that, I'm like super glad I bought those tickets earlier cause there was like this long line of people waiting to buy tickets for both 2012 and Twilight Saga : New Moon... hahaha!!! Lucky me!!!

Hmm ... where do I start, I'd give credits for the movie cause it was like and it was almost perfectly real and like super horrifying to see the world in calamitics situation like that. Imagine the earth's core boiling up with super hot temperature, earthquakes and volcanoes eruption everywhere, sea level rises and the world is almost flooded. It's super scary. End of the world. But I don't like the part where those creep and those self-centred rich bastards only thinks that they are the only who should be saved and lived. I hate the ending though. It's too happy. I'd expected a sad or terrible ending, like the movie Tsunami.

Done with 2012, it's only 9pm. So I went ahead to have my dinner. Ate Dry Wantan Mee. OMG, it's been a friggin long time since I ate it and still tastes as good as I can remember. Kinda missed eating it actually. Gonna go eat 'em some more next time. Then I went out for a moment to take a puff and get in too watch Twilight Saga : New Moon.

The movie is nice but it's kinda like too revealing that there's a sequel for it? Or was it? Ah what the heck! So the ending is "hanging" as usual with Bella not answering whether to get married to Edward or not but most verdic already said they would because Alice's premonition seemed like they did. So, major things to say are : Edward is such a sissy and a stupid boyfriend (I mean, how stupid can he be?!), Bella is such a hypocrite bitch ( can't even appreciate Jacob who's been waiting for her like puppy) and insensitive to others, and Jacob is such a pathetic lover but oh-so-sexy-yummy-wolfie man! He's such a hottie!!! Those sexy but delicious abs and pecs!!! Just wanna scratch 'em!! OMG, I'm over-reacting! But those werewolfs or wolf they transformed into is like SOOOO large and big! They're like HUGE! Even I'd get scared if they would be in front of me! but at the same time they're like so cute! hahahah! I'm insane. Anyway, I just love Jean [ Dakota Fanning ], not just because of her powers (which is like totally awesome.. wish I could just hurt people or make people feel something when I said it... like for example... constipate! and the guy would suffering to go and shit! hahahahaha!) but because she's soooo adorable but at the same time evil! Those bright bloody red eyes and pale white complexion and just an adorable cute face... aaaahh Dakota, I'm like a totally big fan of yours!

Soo.. once I finished with all of that, went home, took a shower, checked my FB, and went to sleep at about 3am. Daaaa~

"Mak : So... ape ko nak wat cuti sbulan nie?
Nak g joli duit mak la tu?
Mlepak, tgk wayang...
Ami : EEehh... pandai mak!
Mak : Mak dh agak dah..."

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