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Japanese Presentation

I took Japanese for my Foreign Language instead of Mandarin like most of my friends. I love JAPANESE language and there like no HELL am I gonna lose the chance of learning that language... I'm glad that I took that language cause now, I can read most of the hiragana and katakana letters in Japanese. and now I can create sentences in Japanese without failures of broken grammar or rules. I'm very proud... hahahaa....(nyampah!). The lesson's was fun and exciting. Our lecturer is sooooo funny! He'd taken Dip, Deg, Master all in Japanese board. I'm like super amazed at him and had wished if only that my parents could let me do like that! aaah.....
So for our presentation for Japanese Language, our lecturer asks us to do a 'kaiwa' which means 'conversation' role play to see whether we can speak with the correct pronunciation and dialects. It was hard for those who aren't familiar with Japanese language like Zue and Yana and Sharon. Unlike Z, Kak Yong and Me... we are good at it... even though Z is kinda embarrased to be presenting... he's a super SHY guy!!!! Here's some of the pics we took...

"わたしわ にほんご の だいすき です!!!

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