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Final enjoyment of third semester

Last monday night, Me, Azza and Yona went for a last outing of fun and enjoyment for the third semester before all of us part ways and won't be seeing each other for like one month. We went to Just-K to sing our hearts out. We were accompanied by Azza's friend in Ijok and they followed us till finish karaoke-ing session. I HAD A BLAST!!!! My head was spinning, can't even stand straight, kept on laughing and sooooo dizzy! Really, I had fun! Thank you guys for letting me have sooooo much fun for that night! We stayed there until like it was almost three and we got out. Next we went to Andalus cause I've been saying to Yona that I want to go there and smoke shisha. So, we there and Yona's friend joined us, Mizi. He is one good-looking guy with a sexy buff bod! Though I'm not gonna fall for him cause he's Yona's belonging~ Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

After about 5am something, we suddenly decided to go back. Since my things in Unisel already packed and sent to my house in KL, I requested Yona to just send me back to my house in KL. So off we went sending me back home. Finally!!! Back home in KL!!! Said bye-bye to and YonaAzza for the last time and she hugged me! Oh, crap!!! I'm like sure as hell gonna miss both of them! One month....

"Name mak,
Siti Amalina Aloevera Rexona
Boleh panggil mak Aloevera atau Rexona,
kalu Rexona, No Sweat, ok???"

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