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Cleaning in Progress

Straight after we finish our final paper for this third semester, we went to Taman Ilmu to see whether we can get the keys to our house today and moved all our stuff from hostel to that house. got the keys... kaching! Yeay... finally... bye bye fucking hostel!

We went to the rented house in Taman Ilmu and boy.... it was friggin dirty.... So off we go to do chores and cleanup the house. Yuckies.... so many dust got me sneezing all the time while cleaning the house. But the hardest part was moping and scraping off dirt from the floor cause it sure is very... I mean VERY dirty! But that was actually one of the fun parts cause we get to play with water.... wwweeeeheheeeee~

Finally, once we're done cleaning we discuss about the rooming position and the major rules we're going to apply in the new house :

1. No WOMEN, no CRY
2. Keep the house clean at all times
3. Smokers please do not leave ur cigarettes' ashes in unappropriate places
4. Please obey the house leader commands - Zokeri
5. All financials and money dealing issues will be handled to Mimie
6. Faiz will remain as cook of the house
7. Don't waste electricity if you're not using it

and more rules are coming~

oh yeah, I got the Master Bedroom and my bed is near the window!!!!!


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