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Canopy Business

My mom have a canopy business where she and my Uncle Din were partners. So, last friday, our neighbour which is my mom's friend wants to get her daughter wed. So she asked mom to set up canopy for her. She rented all of our 10 canopies and boy I tell you... it was super tiring to set up all the canopy. The problem is my Uncle Din doesn't want to hire more workers to set all those canopies up. She only asked one of his friend and me to help set it up. I mean like... is he fucking crazy?!!! All 3 of us couldn't possibly finish it all in time and it is super tiring. So, I quit helping him when we've set up all seven. My arms and hands is aching soooo much! Damn those canopies are fucking heavy!!!! So... to short things up... he couldn't finish all 10 by friday night and my mom's friend was super furious... She got really pissed off and shouted at him. Finally he admits defeat and asks my uncles to help him and we managed to finish it in time before the REAL ceremony on saturday... and I had to admit.. it's freaking beautiful! The main canopy is the most beautiful! It's pink... !!!

"Oh yeah... if you guys wanted to rent canopies
do contact me..
don't worry.. my Uncle Din won't do those stupid mistakes again!"

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