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Birthday at Sg Kancing

Today's event was planned and executed perfectly since we have lots of free time in our hand and nothing was going out of line. We decided to go to Sg Kancing and have some fun! and this time, Faiz, Zul and Ieza join the trip. We started off by going to have breakfast at our favourite Nasi Lemak Stall : Bestari Inn.

During eating, we tried calling our birthday boy to wake up and force him to come with us but our efforts went to waste cause he's sleeping like a log and won't pickup his phone. So, we had to drive all the way to his house in BB to drag him out of his house! and we succeeded! Score!

Then we went straight ahead to Sg Kancing in Rawang. Since it's holiday, I kinda get this feeling that the place might get crowded and I was right... but still we insisted on going!

There was like tons of funny stuff happened there unintentionally! I just can't stop laughing today. Too funny! Here's some :

"Ak rasa la kn,"
"ak pown rase la kn"
"ak rase la kn yg kte sume rase la kn"
"mmg btowl la ak rase kan..."

those who were there at that time would totally understand what this saying means..! hahaha!!! then we get the chance to drown our birthday boy underwater and rip his boxers off but he quickly puts it back on! His face was red!

then there's this Saloon Bergerak thingy~ hahaha!!!!
and lots more but I can't quite remember the detail.... what I know is that I had lots of fun today. Before we sets off from there, we wrote our name on one of those huts to make remembrance that we enjoyed our time there. Here are what we wrote:

"Pendulum was here!"
"Yona, Azza n Mimie - BFF!"
"Zul, Ieza, Faiz, Pejal, Mien, Mimie, Azza n Yona - Pendulum"
"Ganu sutong!"
"Edward Cullen Sucks!"
"Mimi - 017-6??0?5?"

Hahahaaha.... lots of fun!!! Then before ending our trip we went to KFC to eat cause most of our energy got drained by swimming. So, eat we go! Too bad my phone was out of battery on our way there so there was no photo of it. But at the KFC, more funny things happened. we were like the most loudest crowd in that place. and again, I got a new nick..."Miss ConTanGious"!
Finally we went back.... it was tiring but it was fun!

Happy Birthday Mien!!!!!

"Humans are capable of being optimistic
so why can't we just see the positve
instead of the negative?"

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