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Bestest Bitch Reunion

It's been a friggin 2 months that we haven't met with each other and last Saturday, finally, we met and decided to go out and talk about what's new and what's hot. So.... Mira had broken up with her BF and Wanie is still Wanie and Atiem is ..... hm..... can't really say... cause I'm not that close to her, Mira is. Anyway, Atiem pick us all up from our houses and we discuss where to go. At first we went to Old Town cause I had not been there for a long time and kinda missed it. Then it's time to decided where to go. and that is when our first drama starts. We were bickering and screaming on where to go cause Mira, Me, and Wanie wanted to go to our usual place : Times Square and Sungei Wang but Atiem doesn't want to go there and she's referring that place as "Segi Tiga Bermuda KL". Why? Because it's frigging pack with lots of people and usually wannabe school students who acts like bitches and assholes. Hah... hate them! So we kept on arguing and then we came up with One Utama, KLCC, Sunway, and Pavillion. Still we can't agree on where to go. So, we decided to just hit the road and see where it leads. And to our fortunate luck, there's a traffic jam going on to the center of KL and suddenly Atiem had to take the road to Pudu and it leads us to Times Square. So Atiem had no choice but to just follow along...

Holiday season plus weekends spells packed with lots of people and wannabe brats. So Times Square was packed with tourists, bitches, couples, assholes, families, wannabe brats and oh... BITCHES! Hahahaha!

So, first, we find a place to eat and once again... another drama. Wani wanted KFC, Mira wanted somewhere exquisite while Me and Atiem wanted to try something new. After a lot of debating .. finally we went to Johnny's. My first time and it was nice. The food was okay. Just okay. But those Thai Teas is really NOT tasty at all.... eeeuuughhhh...!!!

Next we went to Pavillion cause Atiem wanted to do some shopping. Since most of us didn't bring that much money, so we were just window-shopping. OMG!!!! YES is soooooooooooo alluring! After much shopping for Atiem and window-shopping for me, Wanie and Mira... Atiem's dad called asking her to come back cause her relative came to house. So off we hit the road back home.

It's nice to meet up back with them cause it's been a long time and I missed them a lot... especially Mira! My all-time MODEL!!! Love you guys always!!!

"atiem : ak dh serik g segi tiga tu dowh
ami : laaa... ko dh joing team ktorg, kna r biasekan
wani : ha'ah la tiem... tu tmpat faveret ktorg
mira : ak x kira, len kali kte paksa dy ikot lagi!"

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