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BBQ par-tay!!!!

Tuesday evening, right after I'm done with both my Kaiwa and my Syntax and Morphology paper, I went back to hostel to get some sleep cause I haven't sleep for like 2 freaking days because I need to study and finished the script for my Kaiwa. I slept like a log. I woke up at 7pm over and that is when I realize that my theater club is organizing a BBQ party with the celebration of our successful theater performance.

The food was freaking nice...!!!!! Beef and Chicken and Squids and Sausages and KERANG!!!
I was one of the people who sacrifice him/herself to help cook at the grill.... But I don't mind cause it was fun. Ahhh.... one more happy and enjoyable experience in unisel....!!!!

Me and the girls can't get enough of camwhoring session cause it'll be hard to see each other next time bacause of I'll be moving out to Taman Ilmu next semester and we no longer have Theater Club practices.... So, lots of pictures were taken but it was so unfortunate because Ros and Cibot couldn't make it. They had problems to take care of.... aaaahhh... I'm gonna miss 'em sooo much!

Talk about missing people... I'm sure NOT gonna miss that bitch Nora and that asshole Gaby! Thank goodness that bitch couldn't make it that night cause she already went back to KL! YESSSSS!!!!!!! Die Bitch... DIE!!! I Fucking HATE you freaking skinny Bitch!!!! Gaby was there but he's not making any scene so... he's off the bitchlist for that night....

There was like lots of shouting and laughing with all of us having fun grilling the food, watching dance-offs between all of us, eating together and playing with foods and all!!! I love you guys!!! You guys really lighten up the FUN for this semester for me! Hope that all of us can work together again and have lots and lots of fun like this!

"A fire can flicker and burn
but they'll die once you don't play with it
So does friendship can bring joy and laughter
until you forget to appreciates it any longer..."

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