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Today I went to KLCC with me bestest best friend from school, Chee Wai Kee. He was with me through my ups and down. Both of us shares the same interests and both of us is an otaku. We both love animes and we both are nerds. We are gamers and we are japanese-freak! He's truly is my bestfriend. Actually there's 4 of us including Han Wai Teng and Gobinath but too bad they can't join us both today cause they're working part-times. Too bad! but nevermind cause by end of this year we are going to plan one more outing, a movie marathon perhaps bacause by the end of this year, there's tons of amazing movie coming out!

So let's talk about today. We went to KLCC to catch Avatar at TGV. Arrived there at about 2pm and bought the tickets earlier cause I know it's going to be so packed there by the time the shows about to start. Our ticket's movie is screening at 5.2opm. I'ts crazy right? How I could go and buy 3 hours earlier... but trust me, if it's KLCC and it's weekend, this is what you should do, BUY TICKETS EARLIER or you can say buh-bye to your wasted energy cause you don't get a single ticket. Same rules apply to Mid Valley also.

The movie was AWESOME!!! Read my lips, IT'S SUPER AWESOME! You're not gonna regret watching it, even better when you watch it in 3D. Too bad for me cause today at TGV, Avatar can't be screened in 3D cause of some technical issues... darn it! But the movie is awesome... no seriously, you guys just got to go and watch it. Totally worth it! I'll give the movie a 9/10 or maybe a 10/10!!! Hardly find any flaws in the movie. I tell you, their 8 mil used to made this movie really pays well. This is a movie of the year!!!!

Quote from the movie:
"You're not the only one with guns, BITCH!"

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