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3rd Sem is OVER!

Our third semester is finally over by finishing our last paper for this semester this evening. That was the Comp & Tech paper which is like freaking easy... I tell you... it's like underestimating our intelligence with it's dumb question...haha! Well basically, the lecturer wants to give us a free A but he needs to see that we are hardworking enough to go and learn something about his subject. Even our assignment which we hand-in also is nothing but to show that we did some work in his class. So, basically, this semester is probably a good chance that I might be able to get my GPA back in the third levels... wish me luck!

After that paper, most of us still hangs out in front of the Main Hall to wish goodbyes and happy holidays to each other. When there's last moments, there's always picture taking session.
Cam time!!!

"A wave of tranquility is everlasting
a breeze of serenity is eternal
but does a bond of friendship?"

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