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shopping @ TESCO

Yesterday, Me, Faiz and Zack went to TESCO in Tanjung Karang or is it Kuala Selangor... aaahh what the heck... We went there to shop for things for Zack's cocurriculum activities for his Kepimpinan Hadhari : Ziarah Insan something something... ( haaa ...forgot).

There are tons of stuff bought for his assignment. I wouldn't wanna miss an opportunity like this to go shopping to. Luckily I still have RM50 in my wallet... I bought some sushi, yogurt drink, lollies, and oh that's it...

We were also surveying things to be bought when we move in to our Taman Ilmu cause Faiz parent's won't let us use their extra refrigerator and washing machine. Darn it, all those items are freaking expensive.... never thought that those items were THAT expensive in TESCO. Looks like our first pay when we work in 7-Eleven (hope we get that job) will be to bought all these items... not too mention a stove, a TV and a cupboard too... haaaa~!!

Oh yeah, on our way back to hostel, we found a cute kitten sleeping in front of our house!!! Kawaii ne~!!!!!

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