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I'm 20 years old already... haaaah... getting older!!!!!
I don't wanna grow up... being an adult is no fun!!!!
by the way, this year is the worst birthday ever!
why? My BFF from school didn't even wish anything at all... I'm very disappointed at them. I always call 'em or wish for them for their birthday but they didn't do anything..
let alone a single text wishing birthday..
and this year's birthday I was away from my family...
I only got wishes this year... I was expecting more actually... but seriously I was disappointed in this year's birthday. I'm so depressed. I'm not asking much, maybe a gift... just a gift would do.
I don't mind getting all dirty with 'tepung' or 'telur' or anything... no celebration, no nothing...
just wishes...
I know I should be grateful that at least my friends at least wishes me birthday... but it wouldn't hurt if I ask for some more?

"people don't grow younger by years they grow older and more sensitive..."

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