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shopping @ TESCO

Yesterday, Me, Faiz and Zack went to TESCO in Tanjung Karang or is it Kuala Selangor... aaahh what the heck... We went there to shop for things for Zack's cocurriculum activities for his Kepimpinan Hadhari : Ziarah Insan something something... ( haaa ...forgot).

There are tons of stuff bought for his assignment. I wouldn't wanna miss an opportunity like this to go shopping to. Luckily I still have RM50 in my wallet... I bought some sushi, yogurt drink, lollies, and oh that's it...

We were also surveying things to be bought when we move in to our Taman Ilmu cause Faiz parent's won't let us use their extra refrigerator and washing machine. Darn it, all those items are freaking expensive.... never thought that those items were THAT expensive in TESCO. Looks like our first pay when we work in 7-Eleven (hope we get that job) will be to bought all these items... not too mention a stove, a TV and a cupboard too... haaaa~!!

Oh yeah, on our way back to hostel, we found a cute kitten sleeping in front of our house!!! Kawaii ne~!!!!!


I'm 20 years old already... haaaah... getting older!!!!!
I don't wanna grow up... being an adult is no fun!!!!
by the way, this year is the worst birthday ever!
why? My BFF from school didn't even wish anything at all... I'm very disappointed at them. I always call 'em or wish for them for their birthday but they didn't do anything..
let alone a single text wishing birthday..
and this year's birthday I was away from my family...
I only got wishes this year... I was expecting more actually... but seriously I was disappointed in this year's birthday. I'm so depressed. I'm not asking much, maybe a gift... just a gift would do.
I don't mind getting all dirty with 'tepung' or 'telur' or anything... no celebration, no nothing...
just wishes...
I know I should be grateful that at least my friends at least wishes me birthday... but it wouldn't hurt if I ask for some more?

"people don't grow younger by years they grow older and more sensitive..."

back active I guess?

It's been a friggin long time since I haven't been active with my blog.. guess gonna start re-active again.. I'll try to keep my promise though.. shucks! Lots have happened since time pass by... first of all.. I worked at Cangkir for like two months. It was an enjoyable experience. Made new friends while working there... super fun! Aside from I can eat anything what I wanted to eat t
here ( I controlled my desires though...
don't wanna get fat.... I'm already too fat... (T_T)

next... a couple weeks ago, mom let me bring her car to Unisel to drive around. I took the opportunity to go for a vacation with my friends. It was actually an unplanned thing but we went out with it. Me, Faiz and Faizal went to Malacca to Azza's hometown. First we set out just us three to meet Azza at her hometown, but then unaccidentically we met up with Azza at the Dengkil highway. And guess what? Yona was tagging along too~ What excited me the most at that part was that all three of us was like super-racing at the highway. Me with my mom's car (Wira), Yona with her Myvi and Azza with her modified Kelisa. We were like overtaking other cars on the road and driving really like really really fast. That was the first time I ever drove that fast (180km/h)!!! Thanks to Faiz for being my co-driver!!! We arrived there during night time. We decided to go take a walk at the Jongker Walk... (dunno if I misspelled it?). There were like tons of stalls that sells lots of interesting items... I bought a band for me and Faiz. They were cool-looking! Right after that, all of us went out dancing... if you know what I mean... oh! except for Faizal, he's too innocent to be brought with us. So, he stayed at Azza's house.

On the next day, we went to Mahkota Parade. Azza couldn't be with us cause she had matters to attend to, so just us three going out. Oh yeah, Yona already left to go back to Pedas back at her father's home cause her dad misses her so much. We went walking around in MP but it was like so boring there, barely nothing interesting. Then we got a call from Afiq asking us to come to Dataran Pahlawan which is just opposite of MP. In Dataran Pahlawan, there's so much thing happening than at the MP. We went to the arcade there and play around. Too bad Afiq couldn't hand with us long cause his dad had to go back to Perak. Too bad! Then we went to have tea-time at the Old Town near there. It was Faiz's first time... he said... we had fun! Then later on that night, Azza's friend brought us to rent a chalet nearby to sleep. The chalet was actually quite cheap!

On the next day, me and Faiz woke up early to get ourselves breakfast. We went walking and found a Nasi Lemak stall and bought some there. We also found a Roti Canai stall nearby and also bought some there. After we had our breakfast, I wanted to go to the beach just in front of the chalet to take a dip. It was fun~!!!!!!! freaking fun!!! that was the total highlights of our vacation! A funny thing also happened at the beach but I'm not gonna tell.... freaking embarrased bout it!

Later on the evening before heading back to Unisel, all of us including Yona and Azza's friend went to have dinner at a Pizza Hut near the Hang Tuah Mall... (if I'm not mistaken). It was enjoyable. After we had our dinner, me, Faiz, Faizal and Yona started heading back. Azza had to stayed in Malacca to settle her problems.

Next... a week later, we went out again. But this time we went to karaoke to cheer Ieza up, she was depressed after breaking up with her boyfriend. I was superb fun! We were like jumpin here and there, singing in the room we rent. During our way back, something unexpected happened. It was my first time encountering these type of situation.. thank goodness, Faiz knew how to handle it...

Lastly.. We went to watch the movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball in 3D!!! the movie starts at 11.50 but we got there early. So, we went to play pool first. Yona was superb.. She scored 3 balls straight. I think the movie was nice but we shouldn't have wasted more money on seeing it in 3D...

So far, that's the main event of what's happening lately... so much! I'm gonna start writing blogs again!

"Life is short,

so make the best out of it

and enjoy these moments
and live up you life to the fullest!"

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