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Open House at Taman Ilmu

25th September - Happy Eid Mubarak!!!

Yona, Azza, Ina, Julie, Yana, Iza decided to have an open house. It was fun, wactching them girls getting prepared and still do the cooking, it was like a total havoc... No wonder why people say that women can handle multi-tasking very well but not men...
Of course, many of their friends were invited and I didn't believe myself that the numbers of people that came actually reached 60++ like Yona anticipated... wow...
shee sure had a lot of friends...
Anyway... it was happening!

the Cat Fight of da nite~

Drama Kueeng on the loose!

Drama Kueeng ( King + Queen ) is on the loose!

Location : Somewhere on the road
Riding : Honda Civic BDN 9616
From : Unihell
To : Pekan Kuala Selangor
Actual event : On the way open up a Bank Islam account
Current event : Shouting outside the window
Music playing by that time : Everytime We Touch by Cascada

Disco Car!!!
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