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Last week, me, Mira and Atiem went to Jusco in Cheras Selatan to catch the movie "SETEM".
I'll give that movie a 9/10 for the humor since that movie was darn funny. I kept on laughing the whole time. You really need to see it!!! It was total Marvy!

After the movie, we followed Atiem went shopping. Too bad for me and Mira since we didn't bring extra money, since the clothes at Padini, Biem, and ti;Zed was like totally MARVY! and it was on SALE too! We were like drooling over all of those new clothes. We decided that we just HAVE to go there again shopping!!!!

After that, we went to eat since we're hungry. We went and ate MY favourite food, Teppanyaki!!!! YUMMY!!!!!

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