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tireSOME daY

Last Saturday, Me, Faiz, Zack, Zul and Ezah went to Mid Valley to catch the movie Transformer but luck was not on our side since it was freaking crowded! The ticket for the whole ticket was already finished except for the Midnight ones. But we were planning to go back early since Faiz needed to finish his assignment. we went to have our lunch since everyone was getting hungry. Zul and Ezah atee Sizzling Yee Mee while us three ate Nihongo Tabemono (Japanese Food). Oishii dane~!!!!!!! It was worth it!!!!!

After the lunch, Zul suddenly said that he'd still want to watch the movie no matter what happens and that he would waste all the way here just to get disappointed and not able to watch the movie. So we part ways since Me, Faiz, and Zack still wants to go back to UNiSEL. We went round and round the Mid Valley and suddenly we came across Burger King!!!!

That was my first time eating at Burger King and I tell was freaking worth it even though it was freakin expensive for me. Uuuummm...the tender beef juice splurt inside my mouth when I bite the burger!!!! aaaaaarrrghhhh................HEAVEN~!!! NGeee~

Then we went round and round and round and round until we got tired and decided to call it a day. It was fun but it was superbly tiring since we didn't achieve what we came there for...

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