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lepaking life

Lately, we have been visiting our loitering a.k.a. relaxing port quite often. It's not like we're wasting time doing nothing, it's just that we've got nothing better to do. Life in UNiSEL can get pretty boring sometimes. and with all the stress from assignments and relationships and bla bla bla.... it's better for us to visit our port and relax our mind and stop thinking so much for a period of time.
that is my true meaning of loitering...although most people think it is really wasting time, i find it that this way is good to release all the tension built up inside my head all this while....

freely shouting whatever I want is the best!!!!

"kadang-kadang hidup ini perlu a koma,
dimana kita berehat sebentar
dan kosongkan fikiran
supaya kita tidak tertekan"

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