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a dumb crazy mimie alone

feeling dumb,
there's nothing wrong with being silly
it's just that people might stare you
and they would criticize you
but fuck the hell what they think
cause your life never tease you
but they laugh with you
enjoying the life that you wanted

being lonely,
can result in depression
your face might look pale
but yours turn into stale
with your tears all dried up
and you heart torn apart
what the fuck will you do now
cause life dumps sorrow on you
and you bluntly received it

acting crazy,
life is all about experimenting
you can try lots of things
to satisfy your curiosity
you might live to believe it
what you did isn't mental
but it's all about experimental
where you do crazy things
and live long to tell about it
that you're a freak who laughs at his own destiny

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