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Before the final exam, we went to eat at our favourtie C.K.T. a.k.a. Char Kuey Teow. It was TOTAL MARVY!!!

Relax before Stress

Last couple weeks before exam started...we, the Pendulums

Went to genting!!!

2 couples yg paling bahagia...

Cik Yona and Hafizi

Cik Azza and Termizi

I've been tagged by Cik Yona yg HOT!



(first three letters of real name and add -izzle)

najizzle hhhuhH??

(favourite color and favourite animal)

greencat hahaha~

(first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first name)

jmina name pompuan..haha

(second favourite color and favourite drink)

purple skyjuice ...wakakakakakakak!

(second letter of your first name, second letter of your last name, first letter of your last name, second letter of your mom's name, third letter of your dad's name, last letter of your mom's first name)

aanasa hmmmm???

(parents middle names)

malay people don't have middle name...can I skip these? (>_<)

(black and the name of your pets)


(first three letters of your first name and add -iqua)



a guy in me

for the sake of presentation, I have to neatly dressed like a teacher....
gosh.... I can't believe it..... I look handsome on that fucking day! hahaha....
kembang hidung aku dengar org puji aku handsome.....

the girls said...

"mimie, u should dress up like this some more. u look better this way"

"kalo tiap2 hari ko pakai camni....dah xde mimie dah...najmi la plak pas nie.."

"mimie ke nieeee? ak x pcaye!!!"

"muke dah hensem, baju dah smart....rambut tu je...kalo potong pendek mesti lagi handsome"

and I was like... "oh please, I don't deserve all this.." It's not like I DON'T want to wear like that more often, it's just that I think that if I did, I'm being hypocrite to my own self since I have to act manly when I dress up like that and I have to fake it since I'm really not that manly.

Some days I wish that I was manly enough and that I'm not sissy and soft like I am but I just can't see myself in that picture....

I'm in a terrible dilemma with the path of my life....

a dumb crazy mimie alone

feeling dumb,
there's nothing wrong with being silly
it's just that people might stare you
and they would criticize you
but fuck the hell what they think
cause your life never tease you
but they laugh with you
enjoying the life that you wanted

being lonely,
can result in depression
your face might look pale
but yours turn into stale
with your tears all dried up
and you heart torn apart
what the fuck will you do now
cause life dumps sorrow on you
and you bluntly received it

acting crazy,
life is all about experimenting
you can try lots of things
to satisfy your curiosity
you might live to believe it
what you did isn't mental
but it's all about experimental
where you do crazy things
and live long to tell about it
that you're a freak who laughs at his own destiny

lepaking life

Lately, we have been visiting our loitering a.k.a. relaxing port quite often. It's not like we're wasting time doing nothing, it's just that we've got nothing better to do. Life in UNiSEL can get pretty boring sometimes. and with all the stress from assignments and relationships and bla bla bla.... it's better for us to visit our port and relax our mind and stop thinking so much for a period of time.
that is my true meaning of loitering...although most people think it is really wasting time, i find it that this way is good to release all the tension built up inside my head all this while....

freely shouting whatever I want is the best!!!!

"kadang-kadang hidup ini perlu a koma,
dimana kita berehat sebentar
dan kosongkan fikiran
supaya kita tidak tertekan"

mad hatter

we found a hat
we play with it
we posed and posed
and snap and snap

we love the hat
we found in the lab
we took the chance
to pose and snap

but we know it is not ours
so put it back
put it back where, you ask
in the lab of course....

"a lil moment of craziness in our life
is what we need sometimes
for a day without a smile
is like a day without air"

low yat roadtrip

On the last two weeks, Me, Aza, Yona, Iena and Yana went to Low Yat Plaza in KL because Yona wants to buy a new phone, trading her old ones that is damaged. She was happy to get her new phone...although the color is not like what she wanted but still she was happy...
that reminds me....when will I ever be able to revert back into using an SE phone......
I want my phone to have much more quality megapixels!!!!

after that we went to Sungei Wang because suddenly they have the urge to spend their moneyh and go SHOPPING!

girls know what I meant...

on our way back to UNiSEL, we stopped by the roadside of Sungai Buloh to have some DURIANS!!!!

the durians are rm10 for two and it was delicious!


A couple weeks ago, Pendulum went to Sg Tengi to go mandi-manda.
There's tons of things happened but I kinda forgot about it since I haven't been updating my blog for like a week or so...
it's not that I'm being lazy... It's just that the wireless connection at the hostel sucks!

But through it all, the trip was worth it. It was nice but it gets dull after another group of school boys came to mandi-manda also.... haaaaa......

dark poetry

Life is a fucking BITCH

Life is a fucking bitch
no period, never was

We live and we suffer
till eternity, forever

You can't run, you can't hide
cause it hunts you till daylight
You can't smile, you can't laugh
cause you're bound by despair

There's no white, never will
only jet black shadow hung on still
For those colors are bright
and you're suppressed from delight

You hope and you pray
to stay freaking far away
but there's not a single way
to lead you but astray

Exhale joy and laughter

inhale despair and suffer
For you breath all those pain
only to live long in pain

You cry and felt sad

cause you can't smile and be glad
and you're doomed in this glitch
cause Life is a fucking BITCH!

FucKin' sLow MaNagEmeNT

There was freaking lots of people lining up!

Went to the Main Hall to pay our tuition fees and it was freaking tiresome. Waited like almost 4 hours until our turn. Yona was pretty restless already but we waited and waited.... until it was like this when our turn came...

when it almost clears out......that's out turn!

Pity these girls, the went into an accident just to came to the main hall to pay the fees and they had to wait like freaking hours before they could go to the clinic. They were so nice to look after our place when we excuse ourselves to take a puff!

tireSOME daY

Last Saturday, Me, Faiz, Zack, Zul and Ezah went to Mid Valley to catch the movie Transformer but luck was not on our side since it was freaking crowded! The ticket for the whole ticket was already finished except for the Midnight ones. But we were planning to go back early since Faiz needed to finish his assignment. we went to have our lunch since everyone was getting hungry. Zul and Ezah atee Sizzling Yee Mee while us three ate Nihongo Tabemono (Japanese Food). Oishii dane~!!!!!!! It was worth it!!!!!

After the lunch, Zul suddenly said that he'd still want to watch the movie no matter what happens and that he would waste all the way here just to get disappointed and not able to watch the movie. So we part ways since Me, Faiz, and Zack still wants to go back to UNiSEL. We went round and round the Mid Valley and suddenly we came across Burger King!!!!

That was my first time eating at Burger King and I tell was freaking worth it even though it was freakin expensive for me. Uuuummm...the tender beef juice splurt inside my mouth when I bite the burger!!!! aaaaaarrrghhhh................HEAVEN~!!! NGeee~

Then we went round and round and round and round until we got tired and decided to call it a day. It was fun but it was superbly tiring since we didn't achieve what we came there for...
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