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TiMe oF oUr LiFe

There are times in this world that we would end up doing crazy things and ridiculous ones, but those things aren't what we should be ashamed of cause life is short and you should learn to fully maximized it in doing everything we can think of to do. For example like, shouting near a lake to release the stress built up in our head or even like saying or doing silly things just to get our friends to smile again.

This is what I did for last week...

A couple of nights ago, me and my friends went crazy and started talking crap at each other but it was funny.....

Then we bought like lots of packets of nugget from the store below our house and ate it while playing a hilarious family drama. It was crazy though, but still it's funny and it manages to make all of us smile again after a bombardment of stress crap!

Later, on the next day, the Pendulum went to the Lake near our Students Center to feed the duck and swans there. I couldn't get near them too much cause I kinda scared those animals with beaks but it was enjoyable enough to watch them eat and puddling together in the Lake.

At times like this is when you let go all of your problems even for just a little while and have fun with your friends. It's not like your friends want to see you sad all the time, try and put up a happy face.

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