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It's Mie...LOL

Welcome to the real BITCH behind Muhammad Najmi Bin Rustam.

This is Me...well at least before I got my hair straightened.

I have a stupid kinky curly fringe-like type hair which I obviously hate it soooo fucking much! *note the CURLYNESS!!!*

Now that I got it straightened... it looked like this

Better...isn't it? Thanks Mum, for letting me do it!
Let's get to the point here. I'm 19 year old right now but will be 20 by 11th November. Remember that's important! haha....
I'm studying in UNiSEL to get my Bachelor of Education in TESL so that I could live up my mum's dream of seeing me becoming a lecturer... not sure if I could fulfill that promise though.
I've got one little brother, Zufar Bin Rustam a.k.a. Zero, and a little sister, Farrah Azwin Binti Rustam a.k.a. Melissa. As for me, I'm Mia. silly of us!
My mum's name is Hajjah Laila Binti Abd Ghani. She's lovely, caring, patient, dedicated, super, pretty, kind-hearted, soft, and best of all, she's my MUM!
My father passed away 4 years ago. We're sad and depressed about it but my mum always said to move on since life is short and you have to make the fullest out of everything you do. She placed a very high hope on me since I'm the eldest son. Soon, I have to take the responsibilty as the family leader.... Oh GOD, help me out here... only HE knows better than I'm a sucker in leading people. I barely passed to become a role-model for my little siblings. I'm not good in academics at all....I hate myself for that!
Enough about my it's ME time!
Basically, I am :
a bitch
total whacko
and the list goes on and on...
Actually I'm not that good in describing myself but I know my flaws very very VERY WELL!
So, to get to know me better, read my face, befriend me, judge me, and you'll see....

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