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fReNz wHeN u nEeD 'eM

Credit to Madam Besar for making this piece of lovely artwork.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Thanks....hope that what you write will last forever!

I'm happy to have all these nice people since I got into the Degree Course. Thanks to God for giving me these friends when I needed them the most. They're the most nicest one I've ever met since I went to UNiSEL. These wonderful people were listed in the note :



A couple days ago, me and Iena went to the rear back of our Engineering Faculty to waste time since she was freaking bored and she could think of me to ask to accompany her I'm a freaking bitch....haha....
She was like dumping me all of her problems but I understands her situation but I told her already that I cannot stick my finger in it already cause her problem is between her and a guy I know. If I were to choose sides, I might end up in a very weird situation.

Aaaaaaaaaaghhh........troubles, troubles...can't you just fade away and leave us alone?!!!!

But most of the times, we were laughing and joking at each other's throat since she's freaking funny and I'm the laughing toy. I like it when she smiles and giggle...she can't laugh cause she has voice issues.... (her voice box is pretty small she can't scream or speak loudly...sssshhhh!!!)
For two days we went there and every time it end up funnily. aaaaaah...the times spent with friends are priceless......

Thx Iena for this memory.

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