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cRaZy niTe 4 cRaZy pEopLe

Last night was a history. We went out to release our tension and some people just really went all out... Bouncing balls here and there... Whoa...

We ( the pendulum ) went to the M.O.S. in Sunway and get crazy. I finally can dance without people staring or jerking at me... what do they know..I just wanna have fun. Some people are too dull.... sooooooo boring!
The fun part is when it's all over.... I just practically loved this one scene in the parking lot :

Genius Son was lying on the ground beside the car cause he's all out. Suddenly out of nowhere, drowsy miss Vice President came near and shout:

"Wooooooi gomukz...bangon wey...yg ko baring kt tgh jalan tu pehal?! Hahahahahaha!" "Suketi aku laaaaa....ko susah jeless??? Hahahahah!"

"Ala yaaaaaaang.... nak kencing laaaa......nak kencing, nak kencing, nak kenciiiiiing!"

"Pergi jela kt tepi semak tu.....yang kn jantaaaaan....Kah Kah Kah!"

Even when we went to the restaurants nearby to recharge themselves, the funny part didn't stop. They were bahoonies in the jungle, shouting here and there, laughing hysterically and saying silly things like :

"Tak nak minum limau ais...masyaaaam!"
"Minum la sayang, nanti jadi sihat dan kuat!"

"Pigi fuck off la buncit tu! Wahahahahaha!"

"Fuck you....Fuck you very very very muuuuuuch ( Lilly Allen new song )

and tons more funny things they did. But it was a blast!

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