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TiMe oF oUr LiFe

There are times in this world that we would end up doing crazy things and ridiculous ones, but those things aren't what we should be ashamed of cause life is short and you should learn to fully maximized it in doing everything we can think of to do. For example like, shouting near a lake to release the stress built up in our head or even like saying or doing silly things just to get our friends to smile again.

This is what I did for last week...

A couple of nights ago, me and my friends went crazy and started talking crap at each other but it was funny.....

Then we bought like lots of packets of nugget from the store below our house and ate it while playing a hilarious family drama. It was crazy though, but still it's funny and it manages to make all of us smile again after a bombardment of stress crap!

Later, on the next day, the Pendulum went to the Lake near our Students Center to feed the duck and swans there. I couldn't get near them too much cause I kinda scared those animals with beaks but it was enjoyable enough to watch them eat and puddling together in the Lake.

At times like this is when you let go all of your problems even for just a little while and have fun with your friends. It's not like your friends want to see you sad all the time, try and put up a happy face.

fReNz wHeN u nEeD 'eM

Credit to Madam Besar for making this piece of lovely artwork.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Thanks....hope that what you write will last forever!

I'm happy to have all these nice people since I got into the Degree Course. Thanks to God for giving me these friends when I needed them the most. They're the most nicest one I've ever met since I went to UNiSEL. These wonderful people were listed in the note :



A couple days ago, me and Iena went to the rear back of our Engineering Faculty to waste time since she was freaking bored and she could think of me to ask to accompany her I'm a freaking bitch....haha....
She was like dumping me all of her problems but I understands her situation but I told her already that I cannot stick my finger in it already cause her problem is between her and a guy I know. If I were to choose sides, I might end up in a very weird situation.

Aaaaaaaaaaghhh........troubles, troubles...can't you just fade away and leave us alone?!!!!

But most of the times, we were laughing and joking at each other's throat since she's freaking funny and I'm the laughing toy. I like it when she smiles and giggle...she can't laugh cause she has voice issues.... (her voice box is pretty small she can't scream or speak loudly...sssshhhh!!!)
For two days we went there and every time it end up funnily. aaaaaah...the times spent with friends are priceless......

Thx Iena for this memory.

UnLeAsHeD mE

Yeah BITCHES! You're damn fucking right... I SMOKE!

There...the secret is out....happy now everyone? I'm sick of pretending and being all goody-too-shoes in front of everyone's else when me, myself is getting credited for being a total hypocrite. I just hate it when people think I'm say sooooo nice but I'm not actually...

I'm a bitch..
Did you get that?

the secret is unleashed,
just open your eyes
your ears,
and your heart
to believe
who I am really inside...

cRaZy niTe 4 cRaZy pEopLe

Last night was a history. We went out to release our tension and some people just really went all out... Bouncing balls here and there... Whoa...

We ( the pendulum ) went to the M.O.S. in Sunway and get crazy. I finally can dance without people staring or jerking at me... what do they know..I just wanna have fun. Some people are too dull.... sooooooo boring!
The fun part is when it's all over.... I just practically loved this one scene in the parking lot :

Genius Son was lying on the ground beside the car cause he's all out. Suddenly out of nowhere, drowsy miss Vice President came near and shout:

"Wooooooi gomukz...bangon wey...yg ko baring kt tgh jalan tu pehal?! Hahahahahaha!" "Suketi aku laaaaa....ko susah jeless??? Hahahahah!"

"Ala yaaaaaaang.... nak kencing laaaa......nak kencing, nak kencing, nak kenciiiiiing!"

"Pergi jela kt tepi semak tu.....yang kn jantaaaaan....Kah Kah Kah!"

Even when we went to the restaurants nearby to recharge themselves, the funny part didn't stop. They were bahoonies in the jungle, shouting here and there, laughing hysterically and saying silly things like :

"Tak nak minum limau ais...masyaaaam!"
"Minum la sayang, nanti jadi sihat dan kuat!"

"Pigi fuck off la buncit tu! Wahahahahaha!"

"Fuck you....Fuck you very very very muuuuuuch ( Lilly Allen new song )

and tons more funny things they did. But it was a blast!

It's Mie...LOL

Welcome to the real BITCH behind Muhammad Najmi Bin Rustam.

This is Me...well at least before I got my hair straightened.

I have a stupid kinky curly fringe-like type hair which I obviously hate it soooo fucking much! *note the CURLYNESS!!!*

Now that I got it straightened... it looked like this

Better...isn't it? Thanks Mum, for letting me do it!
Let's get to the point here. I'm 19 year old right now but will be 20 by 11th November. Remember that's important! haha....
I'm studying in UNiSEL to get my Bachelor of Education in TESL so that I could live up my mum's dream of seeing me becoming a lecturer... not sure if I could fulfill that promise though.
I've got one little brother, Zufar Bin Rustam a.k.a. Zero, and a little sister, Farrah Azwin Binti Rustam a.k.a. Melissa. As for me, I'm Mia. silly of us!
My mum's name is Hajjah Laila Binti Abd Ghani. She's lovely, caring, patient, dedicated, super, pretty, kind-hearted, soft, and best of all, she's my MUM!
My father passed away 4 years ago. We're sad and depressed about it but my mum always said to move on since life is short and you have to make the fullest out of everything you do. She placed a very high hope on me since I'm the eldest son. Soon, I have to take the responsibilty as the family leader.... Oh GOD, help me out here... only HE knows better than I'm a sucker in leading people. I barely passed to become a role-model for my little siblings. I'm not good in academics at all....I hate myself for that!
Enough about my it's ME time!
Basically, I am :
a bitch
total whacko
and the list goes on and on...
Actually I'm not that good in describing myself but I know my flaws very very VERY WELL!
So, to get to know me better, read my face, befriend me, judge me, and you'll see....
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