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Today I went to KLCC with me bestest best friend from school, Chee Wai Kee. He was with me through my ups and down. Both of us shares the same interests and both of us is an otaku. We both love animes and we both are nerds. We are gamers and we are japanese-freak! He's truly is my bestfriend. Actually there's 4 of us including Han Wai Teng and Gobinath but too bad they can't join us both today cause they're working part-times. Too bad! but nevermind cause by end of this year we are going to plan one more outing, a movie marathon perhaps bacause by the end of this year, there's tons of amazing movie coming out!

So let's talk about today. We went to KLCC to catch Avatar at TGV. Arrived there at about 2pm and bought the tickets earlier cause I know it's going to be so packed there by the time the shows about to start. Our ticket's movie is screening at 5.2opm. I'ts crazy right? How I could go and buy 3 hours earlier... but trust me, if it's KLCC and it's weekend, this is what you should do, BUY TICKETS EARLIER or you can say buh-bye to your wasted energy cause you don't get a single ticket. Same rules apply to Mid Valley also.

The movie was AWESOME!!! Read my lips, IT'S SUPER AWESOME! You're not gonna regret watching it, even better when you watch it in 3D. Too bad for me cause today at TGV, Avatar can't be screened in 3D cause of some technical issues... darn it! But the movie is awesome... no seriously, you guys just got to go and watch it. Totally worth it! I'll give the movie a 9/10 or maybe a 10/10!!! Hardly find any flaws in the movie. I tell you, their 8 mil used to made this movie really pays well. This is a movie of the year!!!!

Quote from the movie:
"You're not the only one with guns, BITCH!"

Bestest Bitch Reunion

It's been a friggin 2 months that we haven't met with each other and last Saturday, finally, we met and decided to go out and talk about what's new and what's hot. So.... Mira had broken up with her BF and Wanie is still Wanie and Atiem is ..... hm..... can't really say... cause I'm not that close to her, Mira is. Anyway, Atiem pick us all up from our houses and we discuss where to go. At first we went to Old Town cause I had not been there for a long time and kinda missed it. Then it's time to decided where to go. and that is when our first drama starts. We were bickering and screaming on where to go cause Mira, Me, and Wanie wanted to go to our usual place : Times Square and Sungei Wang but Atiem doesn't want to go there and she's referring that place as "Segi Tiga Bermuda KL". Why? Because it's frigging pack with lots of people and usually wannabe school students who acts like bitches and assholes. Hah... hate them! So we kept on arguing and then we came up with One Utama, KLCC, Sunway, and Pavillion. Still we can't agree on where to go. So, we decided to just hit the road and see where it leads. And to our fortunate luck, there's a traffic jam going on to the center of KL and suddenly Atiem had to take the road to Pudu and it leads us to Times Square. So Atiem had no choice but to just follow along...

Holiday season plus weekends spells packed with lots of people and wannabe brats. So Times Square was packed with tourists, bitches, couples, assholes, families, wannabe brats and oh... BITCHES! Hahahaha!

So, first, we find a place to eat and once again... another drama. Wani wanted KFC, Mira wanted somewhere exquisite while Me and Atiem wanted to try something new. After a lot of debating .. finally we went to Johnny's. My first time and it was nice. The food was okay. Just okay. But those Thai Teas is really NOT tasty at all.... eeeuuughhhh...!!!

Next we went to Pavillion cause Atiem wanted to do some shopping. Since most of us didn't bring that much money, so we were just window-shopping. OMG!!!! YES is soooooooooooo alluring! After much shopping for Atiem and window-shopping for me, Wanie and Mira... Atiem's dad called asking her to come back cause her relative came to house. So off we hit the road back home.

It's nice to meet up back with them cause it's been a long time and I missed them a lot... especially Mira! My all-time MODEL!!! Love you guys always!!!

"atiem : ak dh serik g segi tiga tu dowh
ami : laaa... ko dh joing team ktorg, kna r biasekan
wani : ha'ah la tiem... tu tmpat faveret ktorg
mira : ak x kira, len kali kte paksa dy ikot lagi!"

Canopy Business

My mom have a canopy business where she and my Uncle Din were partners. So, last friday, our neighbour which is my mom's friend wants to get her daughter wed. So she asked mom to set up canopy for her. She rented all of our 10 canopies and boy I tell you... it was super tiring to set up all the canopy. The problem is my Uncle Din doesn't want to hire more workers to set all those canopies up. She only asked one of his friend and me to help set it up. I mean like... is he fucking crazy?!!! All 3 of us couldn't possibly finish it all in time and it is super tiring. So, I quit helping him when we've set up all seven. My arms and hands is aching soooo much! Damn those canopies are fucking heavy!!!! So... to short things up... he couldn't finish all 10 by friday night and my mom's friend was super furious... She got really pissed off and shouted at him. Finally he admits defeat and asks my uncles to help him and we managed to finish it in time before the REAL ceremony on saturday... and I had to admit.. it's freaking beautiful! The main canopy is the most beautiful! It's pink... !!!

"Oh yeah... if you guys wanted to rent canopies
do contact me..
don't worry.. my Uncle Din won't do those stupid mistakes again!"


Finally, my mom went back from Bangi and I can finally ask he for money so that I can go out. Asked her and got RM50. Then I wonder, what to do eeerrrkkkhh?? My friends are all working and I'm the only one who is like totally free on holiday. Then I remembered that I still haven't watched Twilight Saga : New Moon. All of my friends all the Pendulums except me have watched it. This cannot blah!!! I must watch it too, I said in my heart. So I took my mom's car key and started the engine.

MBO, here Mis ConTanGious come!!!

Arrived there at about 5pm and I was wondering.. today is Super Wednesday and all the tickets is like RM5 only. So, I though why not a movie-marathon? Then I saw 2012 on the screening list at about 8pm and Twilight on midnight show. The gap is like way too far... what should I do? I don't want to go back and wait so... I saw Santau screening at about 5.30pm. So I though I could just go chaining all the movies. Bought all tickets and went ahead to watch Santau.

Santau was like super-horrifying just like most Malaysian horror movie nowadays except that there's two ghost instead of one and it's like totally disgusting cause you get to see both their faces. I screamed a lot in the movie. And there was this one time I screamed because terkezut gilerks until I fell down from my seat. It was like totally malu-fying moments for me. The girl besides me laughed at me.... haaaaisssh...

Once the movie was finish, went straight ahead to watch 2012 cause it's almost starting but before that, I'm like super glad I bought those tickets earlier cause there was like this long line of people waiting to buy tickets for both 2012 and Twilight Saga : New Moon... hahaha!!! Lucky me!!!

Hmm ... where do I start, I'd give credits for the movie cause it was like and it was almost perfectly real and like super horrifying to see the world in calamitics situation like that. Imagine the earth's core boiling up with super hot temperature, earthquakes and volcanoes eruption everywhere, sea level rises and the world is almost flooded. It's super scary. End of the world. But I don't like the part where those creep and those self-centred rich bastards only thinks that they are the only who should be saved and lived. I hate the ending though. It's too happy. I'd expected a sad or terrible ending, like the movie Tsunami.

Done with 2012, it's only 9pm. So I went ahead to have my dinner. Ate Dry Wantan Mee. OMG, it's been a friggin long time since I ate it and still tastes as good as I can remember. Kinda missed eating it actually. Gonna go eat 'em some more next time. Then I went out for a moment to take a puff and get in too watch Twilight Saga : New Moon.

The movie is nice but it's kinda like too revealing that there's a sequel for it? Or was it? Ah what the heck! So the ending is "hanging" as usual with Bella not answering whether to get married to Edward or not but most verdic already said they would because Alice's premonition seemed like they did. So, major things to say are : Edward is such a sissy and a stupid boyfriend (I mean, how stupid can he be?!), Bella is such a hypocrite bitch ( can't even appreciate Jacob who's been waiting for her like puppy) and insensitive to others, and Jacob is such a pathetic lover but oh-so-sexy-yummy-wolfie man! He's such a hottie!!! Those sexy but delicious abs and pecs!!! Just wanna scratch 'em!! OMG, I'm over-reacting! But those werewolfs or wolf they transformed into is like SOOOO large and big! They're like HUGE! Even I'd get scared if they would be in front of me! but at the same time they're like so cute! hahahah! I'm insane. Anyway, I just love Jean [ Dakota Fanning ], not just because of her powers (which is like totally awesome.. wish I could just hurt people or make people feel something when I said it... like for example... constipate! and the guy would suffering to go and shit! hahahahaha!) but because she's soooo adorable but at the same time evil! Those bright bloody red eyes and pale white complexion and just an adorable cute face... aaaahh Dakota, I'm like a totally big fan of yours!

Soo.. once I finished with all of that, went home, took a shower, checked my FB, and went to sleep at about 3am. Daaaa~

"Mak : So... ape ko nak wat cuti sbulan nie?
Nak g joli duit mak la tu?
Mlepak, tgk wayang...
Ami : EEehh... pandai mak!
Mak : Mak dh agak dah..."

So Bored back at Home

Never actually thought it would be fucking boring back here in KL. My broadband connection is fucking slow, always GPRS all the time. Couldn't even play FB with ease at all!!!Darn it all! So, to not get myself irritated and annoyed, I opened the movie folder on my lappy and I had some new movies that I hadn't watched yet. and I saw Papadom in one of it. I've always wanted to watch that movie cause I thought it was such a comedy flick, and I'm a sucker for comedy flick so there I go!!!

To my surprise, Papadom isn't all about comedy, it's all bout how a father is sooooo loving towards his daughter. Yes at certain parts there are funny parts but for me, this is a very sad and emotional flick. I cried a lot when I was watching the movie. Kept on remembering my dad who had passed away. I kind of regretted that I did not love him and respected him when he was still alive. I was such a "derhaka" son to him. I miss my daddy so bad watching this story. I can't stop crying even when the movie had finished.

Next, I couldn't stop being all so emo and all so I decided to watch something else to take those sad thoughts away from my head. So, I found Histeria and thought it maybe a killing and horror movie. Although the time was almost twelve at midnight that time, I brace myself to go and watch it.

To my surprise it was a gruesome horror flick. The way those girls got killed by the djin is soooo horrifying and totally barf-able. Soooooo uuuughhh.... but it was a very good movie! I just love the combo between Scha and Liyana! They're like soooo cute and sizzlin'! After that movie, I kept on looking at the window besides my lappy to see if "anything" was you know what...outside my window... eewww... creepy much! And suddenly I got a goosebump, the hair on the back of my neck was standing and the house fell into deep silence. I quickly finishes what I wanted to do at FB and quickly shut down my lappy and went jumping straight into bed. Haaaa... Soooo SCARED!

"Never ever berlagak
about you're not afraid of a ghost
cause you might not knew
what the fuck is gonna happen!"

Final enjoyment of third semester

Last monday night, Me, Azza and Yona went for a last outing of fun and enjoyment for the third semester before all of us part ways and won't be seeing each other for like one month. We went to Just-K to sing our hearts out. We were accompanied by Azza's friend in Ijok and they followed us till finish karaoke-ing session. I HAD A BLAST!!!! My head was spinning, can't even stand straight, kept on laughing and sooooo dizzy! Really, I had fun! Thank you guys for letting me have sooooo much fun for that night! We stayed there until like it was almost three and we got out. Next we went to Andalus cause I've been saying to Yona that I want to go there and smoke shisha. So, we there and Yona's friend joined us, Mizi. He is one good-looking guy with a sexy buff bod! Though I'm not gonna fall for him cause he's Yona's belonging~ Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

After about 5am something, we suddenly decided to go back. Since my things in Unisel already packed and sent to my house in KL, I requested Yona to just send me back to my house in KL. So off we went sending me back home. Finally!!! Back home in KL!!! Said bye-bye to and YonaAzza for the last time and she hugged me! Oh, crap!!! I'm like sure as hell gonna miss both of them! One month....

"Name mak,
Siti Amalina Aloevera Rexona
Boleh panggil mak Aloevera atau Rexona,
kalu Rexona, No Sweat, ok???"


.::Sky Lite::.

Here you are,
and here I am
you brought me peace
you brought me pain
Inside my own desires
you persuade me to believe you
Though I can't resists you
you are too important for me to let go

So you ask me to embrace you
and keep you close to me
and that I do indeed
knowing the sufferings I will deal
when this is all over
and you are the cause of my demise

I run away but to no avail
since you kept on materialize to me
and offer me tranquility
to soothes my pain and sufferings
so that I could be high
and believe
in your pink sky light

Cleaning in Progress

Straight after we finish our final paper for this third semester, we went to Taman Ilmu to see whether we can get the keys to our house today and moved all our stuff from hostel to that house. got the keys... kaching! Yeay... finally... bye bye fucking hostel!

We went to the rented house in Taman Ilmu and boy.... it was friggin dirty.... So off we go to do chores and cleanup the house. Yuckies.... so many dust got me sneezing all the time while cleaning the house. But the hardest part was moping and scraping off dirt from the floor cause it sure is very... I mean VERY dirty! But that was actually one of the fun parts cause we get to play with water.... wwweeeeheheeeee~

Finally, once we're done cleaning we discuss about the rooming position and the major rules we're going to apply in the new house :

1. No WOMEN, no CRY
2. Keep the house clean at all times
3. Smokers please do not leave ur cigarettes' ashes in unappropriate places
4. Please obey the house leader commands - Zokeri
5. All financials and money dealing issues will be handled to Mimie
6. Faiz will remain as cook of the house
7. Don't waste electricity if you're not using it

and more rules are coming~

oh yeah, I got the Master Bedroom and my bed is near the window!!!!!


3rd Sem is OVER!

Our third semester is finally over by finishing our last paper for this semester this evening. That was the Comp & Tech paper which is like freaking easy... I tell you... it's like underestimating our intelligence with it's dumb question...haha! Well basically, the lecturer wants to give us a free A but he needs to see that we are hardworking enough to go and learn something about his subject. Even our assignment which we hand-in also is nothing but to show that we did some work in his class. So, basically, this semester is probably a good chance that I might be able to get my GPA back in the third levels... wish me luck!

After that paper, most of us still hangs out in front of the Main Hall to wish goodbyes and happy holidays to each other. When there's last moments, there's always picture taking session.
Cam time!!!

"A wave of tranquility is everlasting
a breeze of serenity is eternal
but does a bond of friendship?"

Birthday at Sg Kancing

Today's event was planned and executed perfectly since we have lots of free time in our hand and nothing was going out of line. We decided to go to Sg Kancing and have some fun! and this time, Faiz, Zul and Ieza join the trip. We started off by going to have breakfast at our favourite Nasi Lemak Stall : Bestari Inn.

During eating, we tried calling our birthday boy to wake up and force him to come with us but our efforts went to waste cause he's sleeping like a log and won't pickup his phone. So, we had to drive all the way to his house in BB to drag him out of his house! and we succeeded! Score!

Then we went straight ahead to Sg Kancing in Rawang. Since it's holiday, I kinda get this feeling that the place might get crowded and I was right... but still we insisted on going!

There was like tons of funny stuff happened there unintentionally! I just can't stop laughing today. Too funny! Here's some :

"Ak rasa la kn,"
"ak pown rase la kn"
"ak rase la kn yg kte sume rase la kn"
"mmg btowl la ak rase kan..."

those who were there at that time would totally understand what this saying means..! hahaha!!! then we get the chance to drown our birthday boy underwater and rip his boxers off but he quickly puts it back on! His face was red!

then there's this Saloon Bergerak thingy~ hahaha!!!!
and lots more but I can't quite remember the detail.... what I know is that I had lots of fun today. Before we sets off from there, we wrote our name on one of those huts to make remembrance that we enjoyed our time there. Here are what we wrote:

"Pendulum was here!"
"Yona, Azza n Mimie - BFF!"
"Zul, Ieza, Faiz, Pejal, Mien, Mimie, Azza n Yona - Pendulum"
"Ganu sutong!"
"Edward Cullen Sucks!"
"Mimi - 017-6??0?5?"

Hahahaaha.... lots of fun!!! Then before ending our trip we went to KFC to eat cause most of our energy got drained by swimming. So, eat we go! Too bad my phone was out of battery on our way there so there was no photo of it. But at the KFC, more funny things happened. we were like the most loudest crowd in that place. and again, I got a new nick..."Miss ConTanGious"!
Finally we went back.... it was tiring but it was fun!

Happy Birthday Mien!!!!!

"Humans are capable of being optimistic
so why can't we just see the positve
instead of the negative?"
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